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Date: 12/9/17 - Landlord Risk Report PDF

Landlord Risk Report PDF

In this report we will take a closer look at the financial factors that are taken into consideration when applying for a rented property and if current checks are actually providing the information they should do.

We will investigate attitudes to the financial history of tenants and how much weight is put behind their financial past, credit history and wages, and whether people think current checks are robust enough to help landlords when deciding on an applicant’s ability to pay their rent.

Throughout this report we will also provide expert advice to both landlords, tenants and policymakers on how the market can be improved and what steps can be taken to assist landlords in choosing the best tenants, but also how the private rented sector can be improved to boost the future prospects of those tenants who consistently pay their rent on time.

Download PDF (3.9 MB)