The very comprehensive reference report, explained.

This page explains what you get with our reference reports..

Report Summary

Basic summary of our findings.

Property Findings

Electoral roll, identity, affordability and accounts

Credit Report

Credit score and enhanced financial credit data

Additional Findings

Adverse credit, landlord and employment findings

Misc. Information

Previous credit and mortality checks & insurance suitability

Report Summary
Contains basic information about the report and most importantly, the final decision. We also include regional data that you can use to build a picture of the applicant.
Report Decision
The most important piece of information on the report - the result.
Decision Breakdown
Section-by-section decision breakdown. This gives a quick view of "why" we have come to a decision.
Explanation of Decision
A one line sentence explaining the report decision.
Applicant and Property
Basic information about the applicant and their current residency.
Property Findings
We use the electoral roll to primarily validate the identity of an individual but it also provides additional information that we can use to rate an applicant. Related information is also on this page.
Property Comparison & Address history
We display the proposed rental property so we can see the transition the applicant will be making as well as extra useful information. In combination with our landlord findings further on this information can be very useful. We also show any further addresses in the last 3 years submitted for the applicant.
We determine the applicant’s affordability and display related information here.
Identity Verification
Addresses that are on the electoral roll, the applicant has provided or has adverse credit will be displayed. If we have found the applicant on the electoral roll for this particular address we will highlight it here and show the dates they were registered.
All potential issues are marked with a X
Credit Report and Score
This page details the applicant's credit score and enchanged financial credit data. Only available to partner agents and landlords. Data is provided in partnership with Equifax.
Credit Score
Credit score is a number that reflects the likelihood of paying credit back based on the applicant's credit history.
Credit Card Utilisation
% of total utilisation of credit card balance in the last month.
Enhanced Financial Credit Data
In-depth credit data checks from total number of accounts currently in default and arrears and the total amount, to total number of currently active accounts on time.
All potential issues are marked with a X
Employer, Landlord and Credit findings
This page details our findings from the Employer check, Landlord check, and Credit History search - if applicable.
Adverse Credit Findings
All references check Equifax's database for records of bad credit and judgements - we detail the relevant information here.
Employment Details
We contact the employer to confirm the applicant's salary and reliability. Our findings and notes will be detailed here.
Landlord Details
We contact a previous landlord to determine the applicant's reliability to pay rent and to keep the property in a good decision. Our findings and notes will be displayed here.
Previous Credit Enquiries
We search for agencies who have made credit enquiries about the applicant within the past 6 months and display them here.
All potential issues are marked with a X
Miscellaneous Information
Additional information and notes about the applicant.
Mortality Check
Applicants name is compared against a wide range of known mortality records including government records.
Insurance Suitability
Whether applicant is suitable for our additional insurance products.
All potential issues are marked with a X